The Begger

Hungry Stray

While sitting at a beachside pub in St. Maarten, this dog walked up and stood just a little way away from the tables. He wasn’t aggressive with his begging, he just stood patiently waiting for someone to throw him something. Being that good things come to those who wait, someone eventually tossed him a french fry. Then another and then a little piece of their hamburger. Upon seeing this the barkeep started toward the dog. This obviously wasn’t the first time this little game was played since once the dog saw the barkeep he, the dog, trotted away but not too far away. Once the man turned around the dog was back. After several minutes and several chases, the man finally grew tired of the game and chased the dog half way down the beach! We finished our bier and left so I don’t know if the dog ventured back or not. I can’t really say whether the dog was actually homeless or just knew where to go for free snacks. He didn’t look unkept. I would like to think that this was just a daily stop in his wanderings before returning home for the evening.


6 thoughts on “The Begger

  1. It looks exceptionally well in B/W
    I came visiting you from “Weekend in Black and White!
    Greetings from Germany

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